The OJI/Illness Program is responsible for coordination of benefits payable (medical expenses and lost wages) to any employee who may have an injury/illness sustained in the course of, and arising out of, employment at UAB.

Instructions and Forms for OJI
This link will take you to the instructions and forms necessary to handle an OJI incident. Please review them carefully.

For needle sticks and/or other exposures (including blood or body fluids), call the Rapid Response Team at 934-3675. Do not go to The Workplace or Emergency Department for a needle stick or exposure injury.

If you have an injury requiring medical treatment that would cause a bill to be generated, you MUST fill out an OJI Application for Benefits form as well as a Release of Information form. The Trend tracker Incident Report must also be completed before any bills will be paid.

To report an incident

Click Here

Transporting Injured Employees

Injured employees should use Blazer Express for transportation to and from The Workplace for the initial visit.  The Workplace is located at UAB Highlands, Suite 100.  Their telephone number is: 205-933-5300.


Contact OJI