Nikki Marie Davis Armstrong, PhD

Research Project: Identification of pharmacogenetic predictors associated with metabolic response, BP response and outcomes in African American hypertensives
June 2019 – June 2022
Primary Mentor: M. Ryan Irvin, PhD, MS
MiT: Byron C. Jaeger, PhD
Co-Mentor: Bertha Hidalgo, PhD, MPH

Mariame Selma Kane, PhD

Research Project: Circadian regulation of mitochondrial quality control in the mouse heart
Cardiovascular Disease
March 2019 – March 2022
Primary Mentor: Martin Young, PhD
Co-Mentor: John Chatham, DPhil, T32 Faculty Alumnus

Current Position: Postdoctoral Scholar, Division of Cardiovascular Disease

UAB Department of Medicine, Heersink School of Medicine

Vivian Lin, PhD

Research Project: Mechanisms underlying pulmonary vascular disease in COPD
Pulmonary, Allergy, and Critical Care Medicine
June 2020 – May 2022
Primary Mentor: J. Michael Wells, MD, MSPH
MiT: Gregory Payne, MD, PhD
Co-Mentor: Amit Gaggar, MD

Current Position: Scientist I, Division of Pulmonary, Allergy & Critical Care Medicine

UAB Department of Medicine, Heersink School of Medicine

Samantha L. Martin, PhD

Research Project: Mechanisms associated with the transgenerational effects of cardiovascular disease
Nutrition Sciences/OBGYN
April 2020 – present
Primary Mentor: Alan T.N. Tita, MD, PhD

MiT: Rachel Sinkey, MD
Co-Mentor: Paula Chandler-Laney, PhD

Anne M. Ramsey, PhD

Research Project: Timing of food intake and its effect on metabolic function
June 2020 – December 2021
Primary Mentor: David Pollock, PhD
MiT: Carmen De Miguel, PhD
Co-Mentor: Jennifer S. Pollock, PhD

Current Position: Postdoctoral Scholar, Division of Nephrology,

UAB Department of Medicine, Heersink School of Medicine

American Heart Association (AHA) Postdoctoral Fellowship Award Recipient (2022-2023), BMAL1 Control of Kidney Respiration

Emily L. Zumbro, PhD

Research Project: Aerobic exercise and hypertension pharmcological treatments on microbiome diversity, metabolomics and vascular health

June 2011 - present
Primary Mentor: Thomas W. Buford, PhD
MiT: Adam R. Wende, PhD
Co-Mentor: Cristy S. Carter, PhD

Margaret B. Bell, PhD

Research Project: Mitochondrial function in cardiovascular disease and its effects in older persons

May 2022 - present
Primary Mentor: Jianhua Zhang, PhD