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A healthier future is in your hands! There are many things that you can do to improve your health and the way you feel every day.

Download these resources to learn more about the fundamentals of healthy living.

Fact Sheet: Energy Balance

Fact Sheet: Energy Balance

Managing a healthy weight is a balance between what we eat and drink and how much exercise we get. Think of this as an “energy balance”.


Fact Sheet: Creating Healthier Environments

Fact Sheet: Creating Healthier Environments

Adapting your environment to reinforce an active, healthy lifestyle is easier when you use these ideas.


Fact Sheet: How to Read a Nutrition Label

Fact Sheet: How to Read a Nutrition Label

It's important to realize that all the nutrient amounts shown on the label, including the number of calories, refer to a single serving. Learn how to read a nutrition label in this guide.


Here are a few recommendations for how to get started:

1 Take steps in the right direction

Experts say you’re supposed to exercise 150 minutes per week. But they don’t know your busy schedule, right? Try this: Whatever exercise you do now—even if you’re starting from zero—increase it by five minutes. Then, add five more minutes of exercise each week. Before you realize it, you might create a habit that could raise your energy level and improve your health.

2 Plant good habits

While some of your food choices should come from a garden, you don’t have to plant one to eat better. Adding an occasional serving of fruits and veggies to your diet gives you important nutrients that can help you feel better and live longer.

3 Throw out some old junk

There’s a reason junk food is called junk. The high-fructose corn syrup they put in almost everything – let’s just say it isn’t good. It can lead to obesity, diabetes, and all sorts of other problems you don’t want. Consider cutting back on soft drinks, juices, candy, and desserts.

4 Pass on fried foods

This is the South. Down here, asking you to stop eating fried foods is like saying, “Turn off the football game.” But fried foods aren’t doing us any favors, so cutting back is a good thing. Try substituting grilled chicken or fish when possible.

5 Cut down on drinking up

Not only is alcohol filled with empty calories, but it also suppresses your metabolism. In other words, it makes your body work harder to burn off what you put in it. Hold off on that last drink, and you’ll be glad you did.

6 No smoking, no vaping, no chewing

There’s a reason everyone always says you shouldn’t smoke or vape. While we’re on the subject, smokeless tobacco isn’t exactly doctor recommended. Whether you vape or use tobacco, you’re putting yourself at risk for a host of cancers and other health problems. And don’t get us started on the dangers of secondhand smoke.

Learn how to Take Down Tobacco, Alabama.

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