The 1917 PrEP Clinic is available to provide Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) to HIV-negative individuals to reduce their risk of acquiring HIV. Read on for more information or call Michael Fordham, PrEP Clinic Coordinator, at 205-975-0840, or Kachina, the PrEP Clinic Manager, at 205-996-4119 to get started.

What is PrEP? PrEP is a new HIV prevention method that involves HIV-negative people taking anti-HIV medications daily to help prevent HIV infection. Several studies have shown that PrEP can reduce the risk of becoming HIV-infected when taken as part of a package of prevention services. These studies showed that PrEP was safe and effective for people over 18 years old who are sexually active. Truvada ® is the medication currently approved by the FDA for use as PrEP.

Who should consider PrEP? HIV-negative Individuals may want to consider PrEP as a part of their HIV prevention plan if they...

  • Are a man who has sex with men and have sex without a condom,
  • Are in a sexual relationship with someone who is HIV-positive,
  • Ever have sex for money, food, drugs, housing, etc.,
  • Are a woman who is trying to get pregnant with a partner who is HIV-positive,
  • Have sex while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs,
  • Have sex with multiple partners of unknown or positive HIV status,
  • Have sex without a condom when you are the receptive sexual partner.

How does the 1917 PrEP Clinic work? Interested individuals should call the 1917 PrEP Clinic Coordinator, Michael, (205-975-0840), to determine if they are able to participate in 1917 PrEP Clinic. After eligibility is determined, an orientation visit will be set up to talk more about the clinic, confirm HIV-negative status, and draw labs. Once enrolled, clients will visit the clinic on a Friday once every three months at 1:00 PM to get new prescriptions. At these visits, clients will have labs drawn, attend a group education session, see a provider, and receive prevention materials including condoms and informational brochures.

How Can I Pay for Prep? Most insurance companies will cover PrEP but...

  • If you have a high copay: Gilead, the company that manufactures Truvada, has a copay assistance program and can help with up to $200 a month. Call 1-877-505-6986 or visit to find out if you're eligible.
  • If you are uninsured: Gilead has a program where you can get Truvada for PrEP free for 3 months at a time as long as you meet income eligibility requirements. Call 1-855-330-5479 for more information. A 1917 PrEP Clinic social worker can help you apply.

Interested? Contact PrEP Clinic Coordinator Michael Fordham at 205-975-0840, or Kachina at 205-996-4119 for more information and to see if the 1917 PrEP Clinic is a good match for you.

Study Participation
The PrEP Clinic at 1917 is not a research study, but we work closely with the Alabama Vaccine Research Clinic. They are currently enrolling HIV-negative men who have sex with men, and trans* individuals who have sex with men in a study to test a new HIV prevention method called "antibody-mediated prevention." PrEP will be offered to individuals who are enrolled in the study. Please call 205-934-6777 or visit to learn more.

Additional PrEP Resources