SHAPE (Sexual Health Awareness through Peer Education) offers two primary workshops: Sexual Decision-Making and HIV Awareness. Workshops can also be adapted or designed specifically for your audience. Let us know what you need and we'll work with you to make sure our workshop is the best fit for your needs.  Workshops can be planned for 30 to 90 minute sessions depending on your needs. Workshops are interactive using group involvement, visual aids, and practical information. Questions are answered without judgment.

Sexual Decision-Making

  • Make and respect your sexual decisions
  • Take care of your sexual health
  • Understand your sexual risks for pregnancy, STDs, and emotional risks
  • Reduce your risk of unwanted consequences through protection, communication skills, and awareness of individual values

HIV Awareness

  • Dispel myths or misinformation about how HIV is and is not transmitted
  • Learn about the changing face of the HIV epidemic
  • Assess your risk behaviors and what you can do to reduce your risk
  • Hear a personal story from someone living with HIV/AIDS
  • Discover what each of us can do to help those living with HIV/AIDS