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"A Fit mind strengthens the body"

Did you know that depression can sometimes negatively affect the immune system? Your mental health plays an important role in your physical well-being. Thus, taking care of yourself emotionally is a critical part of your health care plan. The 1917 Clinic has a commitment to your total well-being -- physical, emotional, and spiritual.

The 1917 Mental Health Services is a subdivision of the 1917 Clinic and provides mental health services to patients of the Clinic and their families. In addition, education is provided on a variety of mental health topics through a brochure series available to all patients. The staff members of 1917 Mental Health Services consists of a licensed professional Psychologist, Psychiatrists and licensed professional counselors who have a special interest in and understanding of the unique issues that are often associated with living with HIV, as well as more general training in assessment and treatment of emotional distress.

Concerns that are commonly dealt with at 1917 Psychology Services include the following: adjusting to a new diagnosis; conflict with families of origin over sexuality, substance use, or HIV-related issues; relationship problems; depression or anxiety; pain management; sleep problems; anger management; grief and loss; and coping with chronic illness. Services are not limited to these concerns. A careful assessment of your needs can be conducted to be sure you are getting the services that are most appropriate for you.

Patients are referred to 1917 Mental Health Services by a clinical staff member (physician, nurse, social worker, or chaplain) or patients may self refer. If you feel you would benefit from psychological services, you must first discuss your concerns with your doctor, nurse, or social worker, who will refer you to 1917 Psychology Services. You will then be contacted for an appointment with one of the Psychology Services staff.

Your insurance will be billed for services rendered by 1917 Mental Health Services. If your insurance does not cover mental health care, or if you do not have insurance, you will be billed according to a sliding scale depending on your income. Thus, no one will be denied access to 1917 Mental Health Services based upon inability to pay.

Confidentiality Policy?

1917 Mental Health Services will not disclose any information about you without your written permission or exceptions as outlined in the 1917 Clinic's limits of Confidenciality Policy. Such as; have the right to refuse to allow disclosure of information, except when Psychology Services staff determines that there is clear and/or immediate danger to you or other individuals.

If you have any questions about Mental Health Services, please call (205) 975-9140.