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This elective rotation has been designed as a "total immersion" experience for the student who is considering Anesthesiology as a career choice.  Each student will be assigned to an anesthesia resident for the duration of the rotation and expected to "shadow" the resident at all times, including overnight call.  The student will participate in all areas of patient care under the continuous supervision of this resident and their assigned attending anesthesiologist. 

During the rotation, a reasonable degree of proficiency in technical skills should be acquired including airway management, mask ventilation, endotracheal intubation, and venous access. In addition, the student will be introduced to jet ventilation, fiberoptic intubation and bronchoscopy. There will be opportunities for observing and performing invasive monitoring and regional anesthetic techniques.  The essentials of sedative, analgesic and anesthetic pharmacology will be taught.

The student will learn the fundamentals of cardiorespiratory monitoring and the principles of mechanical ventilation. The student will gain an understanding of local anesthetic pharmacology and the use of those agents in spinal, epidural and plexus anesthetics.