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Environmental head shot of Dr. Kevin Harrod, PhD (Benjamin Monroe Carraway Endowed Chair and Professor, Anesthesiology; Director, Resident Research) in his office, 2019.Vice Chair of Research
Benjamin Monroe Carraway Endowed Chair and Professor

Research and Clinical Interests
Infectious Disease, Pulmonary Disease, Chronic Lung Disease 



Dr. Harrod’s research focuses toward elucidation of the underlying mechanisms of respiratory viral infections, pneumonia, sepsis and critical illness, with a particular emphasis on disease caused by influenza virus and SARS-CoV-2, the etiologic agent of COVID-19.  Using translational and molecular approaches, Dr. Harrod’s lab is uncovering the underlying causes of secondary bacterial infection and pneumonia following respiratory viral infection.  Furthermore, Dr. Harrod is focused toward discovery of novel antiviral interventions that target both influenza and SARS-CoV-2.  The overarching goals of this laboratory is to identify novel interventions, therapies, and treatments to respiratory infections and critical illness.


Ph.D., University of Kentucky
Pharmaceutical Sciences

Cincinnati Children's Hospital
Molecular Cell Biology of Pulmonary Infections


Office Location
BMR II, 342



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