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Department of Cell, Developmental and Integrative Biology

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CDIB currently offers two graduate degrees: a Master’s program in Biomedical and Health Sciences designed for those students wishing to improve their academic record in preparation for applying to professional school, and a Ph.D. program in Graduate Biomedical Sciences, an umbrella program that covers eight different themes of study leading to the award of a Ph.D. degree.  Although students from any theme may work with a mentor with compatible interests from any department, the majority of Ph.D. students currently working in CDIB are enrolled in the Cell, Molecular and Developmental Biology or Pathobiology and Molecular Medicine themes.

CDIB has expanded its graduate degree programs and is now offering a  Master’s of Science in Anatomical Sciences. Gain a unique set of skills that will give you unequivocal career opportunities – become an anatomist and be “Bad to the Bone.”