Cell, Molecular, and Developmental Biology Theme (CMDB)

Cell, Molecular, and Developmental Biology (CMDB) is one of eight interdisciplinary PhD themes within Graduate Biomedical Sciences (GBS).  Students select a theme upon application but have access to faculty and courses from across GBS, allowing for flexibility in both research and academics.

CMDB is designed to provide maximum flexibility that prepares students to launch into a career in the dynamic field of biomedical science. Our graduates have exciting careers in scientific research in both academic and industrial settings, scientific-related writing, business, law, forensics, administration, and education. Explore the many possible opportunities offered by CMDB at UAB and apply today!


Our program is a cross-disciplinary theme consisting of a diverse group of scientists and physicians who have a collective interest in fundamental processes in cell, molecular, and developmental biology and how alterations in these processes result in human diseases and birth defects. See the CMDB training plans for theme-specific curriculum requirements.

Why should you join the CMDB Theme at UAB?

CMDB exists at the forefront of research. This program allows exceptional preparation in biological and biomedical research through an interdisciplinary approach. Students have the opportunity to interact and collaborate with faculty across the UAB campus and the UAB School of Medicine in innovative research laboratories. There is no better time than now to join the biomedical research community in cell and molecular biology.

Where will this degree take you?

A Ph.D. in Cell, Development, and Molecular Biology from UAB allows for graduates to pursue biomedical sciences in research, academia, industry, and more. Many medical breakthroughs have been achieved through biomedical scientists’ innovative findings. Our goal is to provide the support and training needed for every student to be successful in their future careers. Learn where GBS graduates are now.


Welcome 2019 CMDB Incoming Students

Seth Bollenbecker, University of North Carolina
Jeevan Kumar Jadapalli, University of Bordeaux
Yanqi Zhu, Shanghai Jiao Tong University


CMDB Theme Contacts

Theme Director

Theme Director

Dr. Alecia K. Gross
(205) 975-8396
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Theme Co-Director

Theme Co-Director

Dr. John Parant
(205) 975-8469
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