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{slide=Becoming a Better Preceptor: Conversations with Dr. Earl Salser}
Setting Expectations Recognizing Learners in Difficulty
Working with Interprofessional Teams Teaching gifter Learners
Using the Five-Step Microskills Model to Teach
{slide=Feedback, Assessment & Evaluation: Conversations with Dr. Cecil Robinson}
Feedback: Goals, Structure & Timing Assessment and Evaluation
The ARCH Model of Feedback Feedback Traps (part 2 of the ARCH Model unit)
{slide=Expert Views on Teaching}
Dr. Craig Hoesley on on Rounding with Students Dr. Jessica Fazendin on Teaching in the Department of Surgery
Dr. Caroline Harada on Teaching in the outpatient setting Dr. Todd Peterson on Teaching in the ER
Dr. Grier Stewart on Teaching in Multiple Environments Dr. Heather Taylor on Teaching in an Outpatient Pediatric Clinic
{slide=Bedside Teaching - A Podcast Series with Dr.s James Willig and Haddon Mullins}
Defining Bedside Teaching as a Practice The Advantages of Bedside Rounds
Barriers to Effective Bedside Teaching Preparing the Learner for a Clinical Encounter
Preparing the Patient for a Team Visit  

{slide=Administrative Support}
Academic Success Program, with Dr. Brook Hubner Library Resources, with Jill Deaver
Student Evaluation, with Mike Belue