UCEM provides extensive services for basic, clinical and translational research via the state-of-the-art Exercise Clinical Trials Facility (ECTF) and Muscle Research Laboratory (MRL) for research projects looking at the role of exercise as medicine. The ECTF and MRL are the prime sites of more than 12 active human studies including 8 clinical trials, and 2 animal studies.

Exercise Clinical Trials Facility

Housed at UCEM, the >6000 sq.ft. ECTF is well-equipped to provide a clean, safe, and user friendly exercise training and testing environment for supervised exercise clinical trials. It contains two laboratories for a wide array of human physiological and performance tests.

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Core Muscle Research Laboratory

Housed at the UAB Bevill Biomedical Research Building, the Core Muscle Research Laboratory is equipped and staffed to provide blood and muscle tissue analysis in support of exercise studies conducted by Center for Exercise Medicine investigators. The laboratory occupies 3000 square feet of space in two adjacent wet laboratories.

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