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June 2013: Danitra joins as a summer trainee
Oct 2013: Kasturi gets pilot funding from NORC to investigate the interaction of mitochondria and diet in the proliferation of Drosophila follicle cells
Nov 2013: Archana joins as an intern from the UAB Biotech program 
June 2014: Danitra stays back as a research technician
Feb 2015: Malak joins as an intern from the UAB Biotech program
May 2015: Erin joins as summer trainee from Mississippi State University
May 2015: We get  NIH (R21/R33 NIH) funding to investigate mitochondrial structure function relationship during the process of carcinogenesis. 
Aug 2015: We get UAB CCC funding to study ovarian cancer patient samples. 
Aug 2015:  Alyncia and Dominique join for rotation
Nov 2015: Priyanka joins as a Postdoctoral Candidate
March 2016: Brian joins as a graduate student
June 2016: Davis joins as a CaRES intern
January 2017: Wishing Priyanka good luck as she explores a new opportunity
January 2017: Avik Joins the lab
February 2017: Good Luck Diamond! Thanks for everything