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Targeting sickle cell disease to relieve suffering and enhance the quality of life for patients and
their families.

Founded in 1983, the UAB Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center brings together scholars and researchers working in the forefront of basic, translational and clinical research, with the overarching goals to discover new ways to treat patients with sickle cell disease.

The Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center performs cutting edge research—supported by both NIH and industry funding—in five networked clinic sites across the state.

The Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center has led multiple clinical research studies, many of which have already been translated into improved patient care for this population. The principal investigators in the Center are in constant pursuit of knowledge that will provide improved therapies and ultimately cure this genetic disease.

We actively engage with community partners across Alabama to promote rural outreach, access, and patient education.

In addition to research and patient care activities conducted with outside hospitals and clinics, UAB has long-standing relationships with local community-based organizations that work closely with our sickle cell program to ensure patients remain faithful to their care plans.


Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center at UAB