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Clinicians and research scientists in Nephrology will visit classrooms to talk about their research, clinical experience and science paths. Selected interested students will have the opportunity to be part of the UAB CORD program and perform summer research in one of our Division's biomedical research laboratories. Due to COVID-19, the classroom visits will be virtual until further notice.

Kidney Club is part of the science outreach and community engagement efforts of the UAB Division of Nephrology.

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Curious about kidneys?

Let us know your interest and we will keep you informed of opportunities for campus and community experiences.
Email  Dr. Carmen De Miguel for more information.

If you are interest in summer research opportunities check the CORD program


Virtual VisitorWe have planned different activities:

  • Science experiments in your classroom. A group of 3-4 scientists will visit your classroom. The researchers will perform science experiments with your students using materials that they will provide. This is a great opportunity for the students to have direct contact with real scientists and to better understand what scientists do, as well as a primer to kidney physiology.
  • Science chit-chats: Researchers and clinicians (sometimes by themselves, other times as a panel of experts) will visit your classroom to chat with the students about their career path, their research in the laboratory/clinic or their day-to-day job.
  • Summer research experiences: Selected interested students will have the opportunity to participate in the summer research CORD program and perform research with some of the fantastic faculty members and trainees in our Division.

Interested in any of these activities? Contact Dr. Carmen De Miguel