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Undergraduate and pre-doctoral training opportunities abound within the Kidney Pipeline at UAB. Check out the following programs to find the one that best fits your interest, level of education, and future educational goals. 

(Kidney Undergraduate Research Experience)
(PRedOctoral PhD and MD research training in TEams)
(PRedoctoral Interdisciplinary training in renal physiology & MEdicine)
Who: Undergraduate students in their final 2 years of undergraduate degree interested in kidney-focused research
When: Summer
Length of Program: 8 weeks

Funding: NIH R25 DK 112731
Who: Pre-matriculating MD and Pre-matriculating PhD students interested in kidney research
When: Summer before advanced education begins
Length of Program: 8 weeks

Funding: NIH R25 DK 115353
Who: Current graduate students who have declared of a lab, and have defined a kidney-focused research project
When: Typically during year 2 and 3 of graduate degree
Length of Program: 1-2 years

Funding: NIH T32 DK 116672

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Contact pipeline program administrator Rena Becker or program director Dr. Jennifer Pollock