Marissa Natelson Love, MD
Marianne McLaughlin, Program Manager
UAB Department of Neurology
Division of Memory Disorders and Behavioral Neurology
1720 7th Ave South, SC 620B
Birmingham, AL  35294-0017
Marianne McLaughlin
Marissa Natelson Love, M.D..

1-2 years
Based on PGY level
UAB has a comprehensive memory disorders clinical and research program, under the direction of Dr. David S. Geldmacher, MD.  The post-doctoral fellowship is directed by Marissa Natelson Love, M.D. The core of the fellowship is patient care and clinical research. The fellowship will provide clinically focused and closely mentored training in the diagnosis, treatment, and interdisciplinary management of cognitive dysfunction, especially Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders. Clinical research training will include instruction and experience in clinical trials design and methods, as well as experimental approaches to human cognition. Opportunities for research in laboratory neuroscience and advanced imaging techniques are available through integrated collaboration with UAB’s Center for Neurodegeneration and Experimental Therapeutics and the Evelyn F. McKnight Brain Research Institute, as well as the Departments of Radiology and Neurobiology. In addition to practical clinical and research exposures, the fellow will participate in regular seminar series addressing clinical aspects of behavioral neurology and laboratory explorations of neurodegenerative conditions.
It is REQUIRED that potential candidates MUST have completed a US Neurology residency, Internal Medicine or Psychiatry residency,  and be eligible for an Alabama medical license.
Cognitive disorders
Geriatric Neurology
Birmingham, AL