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Welcome to University Obstetrics!  The University OB Service provides obstetric care for low-risk pregnancies as well as more intensive care for the high-risk women of Alabama. In addition to learning about routine OB care, the student will have the opportunity to learn more about complicated antepartum,  intrapartum and postpartum problems.  Students are encouraged to study or work on the computer programs when they have free time.

Description of the Obstetrics Rotation

Students will spend four weeks on the University OB service, rotating weekly through Labor and Delivery (L&D) and Maternity Evaluation Unit (MEU), Prenatal Clinics, and Night Float. The University Obstetrics rotation is divided into 4 main areas, each with unique patient care responsibilities:           

  • Weekdays: Your clinical duties begin with postpartum rounds (around 4:30 AM), followed by Attending Rounds at 7:30-8:30 AM and then covering Labor and Delivery until 5 PM Board Check-out.

Maternity Evaluation Unit (MEU):
  • Weekdays: Your clinical duties begin with 6:00 AM Board-Check-out and cross-coverage of L&D (until the L&D students have completed postpartum and Attending rounds) and Triage, 1 student is assigned to Antepartum Rounds for the entire week, unless there is an AI, That student will participate in work and attending rounds in the mornings and will cover MEU once rounds are completed. Students are responsible for covering MEU until 5 PM Board Check-out.

  • Your clinical duties begin at Board Check-out at 5 PM until 6:00 AM on weekdays (7:00 AM on Saturdays). You will cross-cover MEU and L&D during this time. 

  • Weekdays: Your clinical duties are to attend all assigned outpatient clinics. Morning clinics begin at 8 AM and afternoon clinics are at 1 PM. There are no inpatient rounding responsibility during your clinic week

  • Weekends: Clinical duties begin with AM postpartum rounds covered by the students coming on call and must be completed by 7 AM. You will cross cover both MEU and Labor & Delivery until 7 PM (Saturday call) or 5 PM Board Check-out (Sunday call).

Remember to complete “Diagnosis and Procedure” daily at http://www.e-value.net