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  • Oral Examination

    During the last week of the course, each student is expected to pass a 30-45 minute oral exam given by one of the faculty members. This exam is designed to assess the student's knowledge base and ability to articulate appropriate decisions in patient management. From a series of patient care scenarios, each student will be given one obstetric, one gynecologic, and one wild card case to discuss. The wild card case will be oncology, endocrine, or high-risk obstetrics.

    Oral Examination Preparation

    It is recommended that the student read and review the Oral Examination Preparation guide throughout the clerkship to self-assess and understand the issues involved in various clinical situations. 

    Guidelines for Oral Examination

    • Wear your pager and make sure it is turned on. If your oral exam is moved to another place/time this will allow us to contact you in advance.
    • Dress appropriately, preferably not in scrubs.
    • BE PROMPT - arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled exam time. If you do not know how to get to the office where your exam is scheduled, call the Educational Office at 975-0721 for directions at least 1 day before your exam.
    • The field of expertise of the faculty member is not related to the oral exam questions you will be asked. The questions are pre-selected by the Clerkship Director.
    • You may take a blank pad & pen or pencil in with you. This may help you in remembering what information has been asked of you.
    • Notify your resident, faculty, or nurse midwife/practitioner when your oral exam is scheduled. They will excuse you from the service to take the exam. You are expected to return to your service as soon as you have completed your Oral Exam.

    If you have any questions, please contact Christy Willis in the Educational Office at 975-0721.

  • Written Examination

    A computer-based exam will be given on the last Friday of the course in the Volker Hall Lecture Room E. This test will be a National Board of Medical Examiners Subject exam. The passing score is determined yearly, based on the UASOM and NBME database (mean score and standard deviation from the past 3 years). The NBME Subject exam passing score for the 2021 - 2022 academic year is 64. Failure to pass this NBME Subject exam will require you to re-take within 12 weeks of the original exam date, pending approval by the School of Medicine.

    On the day of the exam, arrive at least 15 minutes before exam time as it will take a few minutes to get started and the exam will be two hours and forty-five minutes. Please bring your laptop for the exam.