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Welcome to Gynecology!  The four weeks on the Gynecology Service are intended to provide the student with a broad exposure to inpatient and outpatient management of gynecologic disorders, as well as to routine gynecologic health care.

Description of the Gynecology Rotation
Each Gynecology student will spend 2-week blocks of time on Gynecologic Oncology and two weekblocks on either Women's Reproductive Healthcare (WRH) or UroGynecology.  Each service emphasizes a somewhat different type of patient care and varies in the amount of inpatient and ambulatory clinical exposure.

Inpatient Clinical Experience
The inpatient clinical experience is provided on 3 services: Women's Reproductive Healthcare, UroGynecology, and Gyn Oncology. These three services allow the students the opportunity to manage postoperative conditions, review pelvic anatomy in the operating room, and focus on the bimanual portion of the pelvic exam, correlating the patient's presenting symptoms with their findings on exam under anesthesia (EUA). The student is expected to:

  • Participate in work rounds and teaching rounds on their inpatient service.
  • Assist in the operating room, understanding of the sterile technique required.
  • Remain at the hospital until all clinical duties are complete, including post-op notes and rounds. There is no night call for students on this service.
  • Accompany residents to evaluate gynecologic consultations from the Emergency Department and other inpatient services. 
  • Gyn / Gyn Onc Student Presentation and Progress Note Template / IMPACT Note per team

Ambulatory Clinical Experience
The outpatient clinic experience is provided primarily on the Women's Reproductive Healthcare and UroGynecology teams.  It represents the ''nuts and bolts'' of gynecology and provides opportunity for the student to learn about common gynecologic conditions and to become comfortable performing the speculum portion of the pelvic exam as well as the breast exam. General expectations of the students include:

  • The pelvic and breast exam should only be performed with the supervising MD.
  • You will generally be asked to perform the breast exam and speculum portion of the pelvic exam,  with the bimanual exam reserved primarily if your supervising physician finds a palpable abnormality. 
  • Attendance in assigned clinics is a required part of the rotation. Most of the clinics have limited space and personnel to provide the students with a good learning experience - so please follow the assigned schedule.
  • Do not wear scrubs to clinic!

Remember to complete “Diagnoses and Procedures” log daily at http://www.e-value.net.