FootGraduated orthopaedic research fellow Nicholas Andrews and colleagues published, “Which surgical approach is optimal for joint preparation in talonavicular fusion - A cadaver study” in the Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery.

The talonavicular joint is located after the ankle bones and before the arch of the foot. Over time, the joint can suffer wear and tear due to injury or arthritis, so orthopaedic surgeons perform a talonavicular fusion surgery. The fusion joins the talus and navicular bone together, stabilizing the area.

Researchers sought to determine the best surgical approach for the talonavicular fusion between the dorsal or medial operative approach. The team performed these procedures across 20 randomly-assigned cadavers.

Ultimately, authors concluded that the dorsal approach is the approach of choice for talonavicular joint preparation. They also noted that the lateral fourth of the talar head was the most difficult surface to prepare, and surgeons performing double or triple fusions may prepare the lateral talar head from the lateral approach.

Other department authors included:

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