The Child Health Research Unit (CHRU) is a partnership between Children’s of Alabama, the UAB Department of Pediatrics and the Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCTS).  Our mission is to provide an outpatient research unit to pediatric investigators that reduces barriers to the conduct of scientifically rigorous clinical and translational research.  The CHRU facilitates the execution of safe and age-appropriate clinical research protocols in a flexible fashion to accelerate our understanding and treatment of childhood diseases.

To meet the growing needs of our pediatric researchers, an expanded 2,547 sf CHRU is located on the 3rd floor of Dearth Tower.  The previously designated CHRU space on the 7th floor of Dearth Tower is an ancillary site.

The 3rd floor CHRU facility includes:

  • Reception/registration areaCHRU room artwork

  • Triage room with scales and stadiometer

  • 6 well-equipped exam rooms

  • Office and conference space

  • Workspace with monitors & locked storage

  • A lab with centrifuge and freezer for short-term storage

  • An equipment storage room

Investigators and research coordinators have access to CHRU research space and equipment.  All protocols that utilize the Unit must have a designated, protocol-specific physician with primary responsibility for the safe conduct of the study and must have IRB or WIRB approval. 

To restock disposable items, maintain equipment and cover general upkeep of the Unit, charges to use the Unit have been developed.  These charges are commensurate with those of other academic institutions.  Budgets with sponsors should include unit utilization fees ($1500 start-up and $75/hour for exam rooms - not including overhead) during the negotiation process. Pediatric Research Office (PRO) staff are available to assist with these negotiations to ensure that all costs are covered.  If you need justification for these costs (or for the 4% departmental fee), please contact Cheryl Perry.

To schedule and utilize the CHRU:

  1. complete the CHRU Application**

  2. contact Cheryl Perry

** Please cite the CCTS grant (UL1TR001417) for publications related to research conducted in the CHRU