The UAB Department of Pediatrics established the Pediatric Research Office (PRO) in 2015 to renew its commitment to the generation of new knowledge in the diagnosis, treatment, and sequelae of pediatric diseases. Building upon a tradition of accomplishment illustrated by consistent rankings within the top 20 (and often top 10) of pediatric departments in terms of NIH research funding, the PRO seeks to “lower the energy of activation” in the design, conduct, and analysis of research conducted within Children’s of Alabama. This allows our physician-scientists to focus on the science of the research while relying on the highly skilled PRO staff to assist with the regulatory, biostatistical, data management, and other components key to the successful conduct of pediatric investigation. By providing this support, the PRO accelerates our research to go farther faster, enhancing the overall funding prospects for pediatric research at UAB, and thus expanding medical options for the children of Alabama and beyond. Please email Cheryl Perry, PRO Administrative Director, for assistance or for more information on the office.

David KimberlinPrimary staff are located in Suite 302 of the Children’s Harbor Building. 
Additional resources for application planning, development, submission and post-award information are available via the green buttons on the right.

David W. Kimberlin, MD
Vice Chair for Clinical and Translational Research, Department of Pediatrics

Cheryl Perry, PhD, PRO Administrative Director

Serves as primary interface for office and oversees provision of assistance as well as development of resources. For assistance with one or more of the areas below, please contact her: email Cheryl Perry or phone 205-934-5531.

Eric Macomb, PRO Informatics

Supports data retrieval from data warehouse or clinical programs for feasibility assessments, preliminary data, research protocols, etc. and ensures proper oversight of data requests for research.

Melissa McBrayer, PRO Research Grants and Training

Provides consultation and assistance with the development of research and career development applications, collaborates with UAB study coordinators and COA research administration to support pediatric research implementation, and serves as a speaker on relevant topics.

Inmaculada (Chichi) Aban, PhD, Professor of Biostatistics

Provides assistance with sample size assessment, study design, biostatistical analysis planning, DSMB reports, final analyses at end of study, and final study report generation. Data sets should always be coded, so that the data is deidentified before analysis.

Susan Branscum, Clinical Trials Administrator (Regulatory)

Provides consultation and assistance with IRB applications and regulatory documents.

Emily Mixon (Data Management)

Provides consultation and assistance with data collection and database development and management (TeleForm, SAS, EpiInfo, REDCap), data analysis and modeling, and provides training in these areas.