2018 Residency Reunion

At the end of their residency, UAB Pediatric residents go into a variety of career choices ranging from global health, subspecialty fellowships, and general pediatrics private practice. Since 2008, 51% of our residents have entered into a career of primary care/general pediatrics and 49% have chosen to enter into subspecialty fellowships. They have pursued these careers all over the United States as well as Africa and Ireland.


Letter from the Director

Dear UAB Pediatric Residency Alumni,

Happy Summer to all of you!

nicholsMichele Holloway Nichols, M.D.
Director, Pediatric Residency Program
We are excited to start a new adventure of reaching out to and reconnecting with our Pediatric Residency Alumni! We hope this finds each of you as passionate about your career as the day you opened your Medical School Acceptance letter (or email), as eager about learning as the first day of Residency, and as excited about serving your patients and families as that first day on your “real job!”

So, how times have changed…or not. Many of you were taking call every 2nd, 3rd, or 4th night for all of residency, documenting patient care with pen and paper, and walking to work in the snow both uphill and down!  Our Residency Program has been faced with many challenges over the last few years that have become the biggest blessings – a huge, beautiful, state-of-the-art Children’s Hospital, a “physician friendly” Electronic Medical Record, a new, highly motivated Chairman- Dr. Mitch Cohen, sicker than imaginable patients, clinical and education work hour limits, increasing faculty size 202, and a growing residency program (24 Pediatric/ 4 Med-Peds/ 1 Peds Neuro/ 1 Peds Genetics per class). 

Some things have really not changed much, though – we are still a family, we are still learning through incredible patients – high volume and interesting pathology, and we are still graduating pediatricians who are ready to take on the world.  And we are still so thankful for the dedication of Children’s of Alabama, our Faculty, our Associate and Assistant Pediatric Program Directors, our Pediatric Residency Coordinators, and our many Chiefs through the years!   We are grateful always for Dr. Sergio Stagno’s leadership and continued investment in our Pediatric Residents and now for Dr. Mitch Cohen’s commitment and strong support of our program. 

Now about working with the Millennials …they are advocates for their patients, they want to be part of the “change” for the better, they are all about “family”, and they want work/life balance and integration.  Our Class of 2017 left a “Bounceback” legacy – from which a fabulous band was born that played at our Pediatric Reunion in September 2016 – but who left a mindset of “bouncing back” from what ever challenges we may face.    

We are so proud of all of you, and excited about reconnecting – please send us your updated information and encourage your colleagues to update theirs!  What an honor it has been to work with so many of you. We are privileged to be pediatricians who walk into our patients’ lives every day!

Michele Holloway Nichols, M.D.
Director, Pediatric Residency Program

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Where Our Residents Go

Founder's Fund Update

The Founder’s Fund was created in 2004 to recognize the exceptional lifetime achievements of the Department of Pediatrics faculty members, Dr. Ralph E. Tiller, Dr. Paul A. Palmisano, and Dr. John W. (Bill) Benton. Gifts raised through the Founder’s Fund campaign are used to support educational grants available through the Pediatric Residency Program. Founder’s Fund grants have been awarded to Pediatric Residents since 2006. Below is a video detailing a project that was funded by a 2016 Founder's Fund Award.