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Advanced Research training In SciEnce for MDs (ARISE-MD) Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

The Advance Research training In SciEnce for MDs (ARISE-MD) PHD at UAB is a physician scientist training pathway designed to prepare residents and fellows at UAB for the roles of researchers, scholars and leaders capable of making a substantive contribution to academic medicine. The ARISE-MD pathway is designed to build on previous training at the undergraduate medical education level obtained from a nationally accredited school of medicine.  The multi-year program offers future clinician-scientists a pathway that combines clinical training with advanced research training in multiple arenas of basic science leading to a PhD degree from one of eight Graduate Biomedical Science (GBS) PhD themes. It is through immersion in a research project that ARISE-MD students gain the knowledge and skills required for the successful completion of a dissertation. Residents or fellows from any graduate medical education (GME) training program at UAB can apply to the ARISE-MD. To download the ARISE MD Program Requirements please Click Here.