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UAB Heersink SOM Medical Student Travel Award 

Prior to committing to a conference, Medical students are encouraged to apply for the UAB Heersink SOM Medical Student Travel Award (MSTA) to assist with expenses related to participation in professional conferences. The following are the requirements for eligibility to receive consideration for a travel award: Applicants must be actively enrolled as a medical student through the UAB Heersink SOM, in good academic standing, and both enrolled at the time of travel and at the time of reimbursement. UAB Heersink SOM MSTAs are not guaranteed and Individual eligibility may be limited to one award per academic year based on available funds.

Applications must be submitted prior to travel with a minimum of 30-60 days to allow for review by the committee.  

    • If you select Scholary Activity, your travel must be related to the Scholary Activity documents uploaded in MedMAP and you must be the presenting author

Eligibility that is not explicitly defined in this document is determined on a case-by-case basis by the UAB Heersink SOM MSTA Review Committee. Please ensure that your application is accurate before submitting. If you believe to have submitted an error, simply email physci@uab.edu and resubmit a new application prior to the closing of the form. Only the most recent application will be considered. 

Review the Reimbursement Procedures for eligibility requirements prior to submitting application.

UAB Heersink SOM Medical Student Travel Award (MSTA) Application

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MSTA Application Requests: Minimum 30-60 Days prior to the Conference to ensure a proper review of your application 
MSTA Committee Review: The MSTA Committee meets the 3rd Friday of each month to review MSTA submissions (reviews will be adjusted based on holidays)
Reimbursement Processing: Processed up to 30 days after commencement of conference travel (prior award notification is required).