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What is PSDO 230?

PSDO 230 is a 3-credit hour course for high achieving students considering careers in medicine. The course provides access to medical professionals across the UAB system in both the clinical and classroom setting. The in-person component is dedicated to discussion of clinical and research careers, the professional school admissions process, life in training and as a practicing provider, and a variety of associated topics. Attendance at the weekly, 2-hour interactive sessions is required. The other component of the course requires students to complete a minimum of 15 shadowing hours from multiple established opportunities associated with the Physician Experience program.

If you have considered applying to medical school and/or MD/PhD programs, we encourage you to apply.

When is the course offered?

For Spring 2024, PSDO 230 will be held on Wednesday afternoons from 2:30PM-4:30PM. Please arrange your schedules accordingly.

Note: Students should NOT count on PSDO 230 fulfilling the minimum hours to be a full-time student until they have received permission from the instructor to enroll.

What would I be getting into?

Each student in the 3-credit hour course will be assigned a letter grade based upon:

    • class attendance
    • discussion participation, which includes classroom participation, online discussion participation and completing brief reading assignments prior to some classes
    • completion of shadowing (minimum of 15hrs) and journaling of patient encounters
    • assembling a poster based upon the specialty of one of your shadowing preceptors