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For requests for verification of former residents and fellows, our program offers two options:

Option 1: VGMET Form

Our program will provide a completed copy of the standardized Verification of Graduate Medical Education Training (VGMET) Form as created by a collaboration of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME), American Hospital Association (AHA), National Association Medical Staff Services (NAMSS), and Organization of Program Director Associations (OPDA). This form includes information frequently requested by certification agencies, including program information, dates of training, recommendations for autonomous practice, disciplinary information as needed, and comments.

For more information and a sample VGMET, please visit the National Association Medical Staff Services website at https://www.namss.org/Advocacy/Verification-of-Graduate-Medical-Education-Training

Our program does not charge a fee for a copy of the VGMET. Typical processing time for this form is 3 business days.

Option 2: Individualized Verification

Our program will complete documentation provided by your agency at a cost of $75 per verification. Typical processing time for an individual form is 4-5 weeks, including 1-2 weeks to receive payment and an additional 2-3 weeks after receipt of payment. We will not begin processing verification information until payment is received.

Please email psychREO@uabmc.edu with your verification preference and we will be happy to assist.