The UAB Kirklin Clinic breast imaging section has four full field digital (GE) mammography units, a stereotactic biopsy table, and four dedicated ultrasound machines. This section also provides digital breast tomosynthesis and contrast enhanced spectral mammography exams. Screening mammography services are available at two additional locations: the UAB Women and Infants Center and UAB Medicine Leeds. Our breast imaging facility has received the Breast Imaging Centers of Excellence designation by the ACR. Breast MRI is performed on site, with MR guided biopsy capability and this is an ACR accredited site for breast MRI. The breast imaging section performs over 36,000 exams per year, including 6,300 breast ultrasounds per year. Approximately 16,400 of these exams are screening mammograms, approximately 2,600 are breast image guided procedures, and 1,600 are breast MRI's and/or breast MR guided biopsies.

Patients are seen in the Kirklin Clinic a 430,000 sq. ft. ambulatory patient care facility designed by the world-renowned architect I.M. Pei.

A general overview of fellowship opportunities and responsibilities is outlined below. A detailed curriculum with goals and objectives is provided during fellowship.


The fellow will master skills in diagnostic mammography, diagnostic ultrasound, breast MR and screening mammography, and breast procedures during four 4-week rotations in each of the aforementioned areas of breast imaging.  If the fellow has an interest in developing research or teaching skills, appropriate plans will be made. 


After completion of the aforementioned rotations, faculty will assess the fellow's performance and additional training in all areas will continue with specific focus as needed. 


The breast imaging fellow will continue weekly rotations in all areas of breast imaging, and the fellow will assume the role of primary imager with faculty supervision.


Pending a review at the end of February, assignments and academic time will be individualized as influenced by the fellow's progress and academic pursuits.

We are delighted that you are interested in our breast imaging fellowship at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.  We have included a breast imaging fellowship application below.  Please submit this completed application along with three letters of recommendation and your curriculum vitae.  All application materials must be received by July 1, 2016 for the 2018-2019 breast imaging fellowship position.  Interviews for the 2018-2019 fellowship position will take place in July and August, 2016.   Please contact us with any further questions (205) 801.7058.  1/20/16

Contact Information:

Erin L. Prince, M.D., Program Director  
Department of Radiology - University of Alabama Hospital
619 19th Street South - JT N353 - Birmingham, Alabama 35249-6830
(Tel) 205.801.7058 - (FAX )205.975.4413
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