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Noon Conference Lecture Series: A series of didactic lectures are held daily at noon by members of our faculty or visiting lecturers. These lectures are recorded daily and archived so that they can be viewed live or at a later date by our residents. A two-year curriculum is followed so that all areas of radiology are adequately covered in accordance with the ABR blueprints. Noon conference is followed by an interactive, hot seat type case conference.

Physics Lecture Series: Our Physics Department conduct several focused hands-on workshops and lectures for radiology residents throughout the year. Their courses cover introductory radiological physics, the principles of ultrasound, CT and MRI, digital and computer instrumentation, and radionuclide imaging.

Weekly Interdisciplinary Conference Schedule: Residents, fellows and faculty are invited to attend the departmental interdisciplinary conferences throughout the week. Each subspecialty has numerous conferences per week. Many of these conferences are now hybrid, which allows for attendance anywhere.

Barfield-Carter Lecture Series and Grand Rounds: Melson Barfield-Carter, M.D. served as the first chair of the UAB Department of Radiology from 1945-1955. She was both the first woman department chair and the first woman professor at the Medical College of Alabama. We invite an outstanding female radiologist to speak to our department each year for the Barfield-Carter Lecture Series. We also have leaders in the field of radiology speak at Grand Rounds several times throughout the year.

Journal Club: Journal Club is held bimonthly and overseen by a rotating faculty member. This is geared to highlight areas of our residency tracks, and as such we will discuss current literature involving education and education theory, research, informatics and global health. We provide lunch at every journal club.

Quality Case Review: Every three months, our department has a Quality Case Review where we review difficult cases and quality issues affecting patient care. This conference is attended by residents and faculty.

Residency tracks: Our residents that participate in the residency tracks are invited to attend educational opportunities in their area of interest so that we can tailor to the diverse interests blossoming here.