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Our department values diversity, and equally trains and recruits residents without discrimination for sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, religious beliefs, or disability. We have a diversity committee composed of faculty and residents who help to promote a culture of inclusion throughout the department.

We have worked hard to include in our resident and faculty curriculum training to be an upstander, tearing down the culture of “microaggressions” or subtle acts of exclusion, and endeavor to show sensitivity to pronouns and non-gendered language See a recent article involving two of our faculty for more.

We are proud to work in department that values diversity of all kinds. We have strong women in leadership positions throughout our department and residency program. Together with our medical student champions, we have strongly supported WIRED and we continue to promote early-career women into radiology. Many of our faculty participate in events with the American Association of Women in Radiology (AAWR) and all of our women are invited to attend the annual Momentum conference for women in leadership.

Our commitment to outreach is also paramount. The residents receive education on health care disparities and our residents participate with RAD-AID within the state such as an annual event in Selma, AL where our team trains lower-resourced communities to perform image guided procedures. We also have farther connections and are connected with two hospitals in Cameroon and Ethiopia.

Our radiologists provide interpretations for these areas and we also send radiologists to assist locally in these areas – including resident electives in the 4th year. The interest level drove us to create a global health track for residents with longstanding career goals in health disparity to have a skillset when they graduate.