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Alabama Lifespan Sickle Cell Tracking Access Towards Equality (ALSTATE) Network

ALSTATE is funded through the Center for Disease Control (CDC) as part of the Sickle Cell Data Collection (SCDC) project. 

Project Rationale

There are large gaps in our current understanding of the natural course of Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) and its variable manifestations from one patient to the next.  Furthermore, there is a lack of consistent scientific data to facilitate informed decision making that may lead to significant health improvements in the Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) community.  Major complications of SCD include anemia, debilitating pain, infection, stroke, and organ damage. Poor health outcomes may be a result of limited or no access to comprehensive care, especially during adulthood, and limited treatment options.  The purpose of this research is to help identify areas in which additional resources (including physicians and clinics) are needed to improve access to care and develop improved educational material.  

Project Goals

  • To establish a database to accommodate internal and external data inputs with a linkage system

  • To formalize enduring partnerships with multiple state entities for ongoing provision of SCD surveillance data

  • To identify “hot spots” or high areas of individuals with SCD for targeted educational and clinical outreach


  • Childrens Hospital of Alabama

  • Alabama Department of Public Health

  • Alabama Medicaid

  • University of Alabama Birmingham

  • University of South Alabama

  • Alabama Hospital Association

Contact Us

Julie Kanter, MD (contact PI)

Emily Warner (Program Director)

Sonja Smith (Site Coordinator)