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March 31, 2021
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May 18, 2021
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July 27-28, 2021
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2020 Partnership Research Summer Training Program   (PRSTP) 
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Cancer doesn’t care about equality, so this program encourages diverse scholars to care more about cancer

Poster and Abstract Award Winners 2019 at Cancer Research Symposium

Partnering Institutions

Morehouse School of Medicine (MSM)
Tuskegee University (TU)
University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB)

Contact - PI

James Lillard, PhD
Brian Rivers, PhD

Clayton Yates, PhD
Vivian Carter, PhD

Upender Manne, PhD  
Isabel Scarinci, PhD

Program Managers

 MSM: Jennifer Creighton
     TU: Chiquita Lee
  UAB: Thomas Ramsey, PhD




Congratulations to Poster and Abstract Award Winners at 2019 Cancer Research Symposium!!

Manne IAC Talk
Riley Kilian Kevin Hale Dr Manne
Amir Ahmed
CRISP  PRSTP Group Photo 060319
Dr Ojesina W Students 1 061919
Molly Buckley
Ornin Hakim
PRSTP Group Photo1 060319
Riley Kilian
SCREP PRSTP CRISP 2019 Group 061219
Stefan Kovac
Victoria Flannary
Rep Prstp Markavious Stallworth 550px
Tom And Ann

We are proud of the work our trainees accomplished this summer and were impressed with the quality of the research presented in the abstracts submitted, and the oral and poster presentations, at the 2019 Cancer Research Symposium by our HDREP, SCREP, CRISP and PRSTP trainees:

• HDREP - Health Disparities Research Education Program – postdocs, medical residents, and junior faculty
• SCREP - Summer Cancer Research Education Program - graduate and medical students
• CRISP - Cancer Research Immersion Student Program - undergraduate students
• PRSTP - Partnership Research Summer Training Program - undergraduate students

To recap the awards presented at the Cancer Research Symposium on Wed, July 24, 2019:

The poster presentations are judged using the NIH Research Project Grant Applications 9 point scale critique on five areas:
1. Clarity of Research
2. Presentation
3. Integration of Text and Graphics
4. Ease of Viewing
5. Significance and Relation to Cancer Health Disparities
6. Overall Evaluation / Overall Impact

Many thanks to the Cancer Partnership judges who reviewed the posters, to Dawn Fizer, who managed the details of the poster competition, to the Program Managers: Chiquita Lee, Jennifer Creighton, and Tom Ramsey, PhD, and all our Partnership colleagues who make the Cancer Research Symposium happen.

In addition, many thanks to our Career Transitions Panelists: Indrajit Chowdhury, PhD; Natalie Hernandez, PhD, MPH; Hina Mir, PhD; and Desiree Rivers, PhD, MPH; and Moderator: James Lillard, PhD, MBA.

And Career Coach Talk Panelists: James Lillard, PhD, MBA; Upender Manne, PhD, MS; and Brian Rivers, PhD, MPH; and Moderator: Natalie Hernandez, PhD, MPH

2019 Cancer Research Symposium HDREP Top 3 Poster Presenters:

1st place: Name: Soumya Niranjan, PhD, MS
Title: Assistant Professor – UAB
Poster Title: “I'd want to know, because a year's not a long time to prepare for a death”: Patient and provider perspectives regarding prognostic information in shared decision making among women with metastatic breast cancer
Mentor: Monica Baskin, PhD, MPH

2nd place: Name: Natalie Hernandez, PhD, MPH
Title: Assistant Director, Office of Community Engagement – Morehouse School of Medicine
Poster Title: The Voices of Cancer Survivors on Clinical Trial Participation at a Safety-Net Hospital
Mentor: Brian Rivers, PhD, MPH

3rd place: Name: Balasubramanyam Karanam, PhD
Title: Assistant Professor – Tuskegee University
Poster Title: Targeting ubiquitin receptor ADRM1 for the treatment of quadruple negative breast cancer
Mentor: Akinyemi Ojesina, PhD, and Clayton Yates, PhD

2019 Cancer Research Symposium SCREP Top 3 Poster Presenters:

1st place: Name: Katie Peagler
Title: Graduate Student – Morehouse School of Medicine
Poster Title: Expression and clinical significance of mito- ATPase and COX subunits in colorectal adenomatous polyps patients
Mentor: Felix Aikhionbare, PhD

2nd place: Name: Leahgrace Simons
Title: Graduate Student – UAB School of Public Health
Poster Title: “If my insurance won’t pay for this, I can’t afford to do it”: Interviewing ovarian cancer patients experiencing financial distress about the costs or related stress of treatment
Mentor: Margaret Liang, MD

3rd place: Name: Akshay Chandora
Title: Graduate Student – Morehouse School of Medicine
Poster Title: Implementing a Precision Cancer Medicine Protocol at a Safety Net Hospital
Mentor: James Lillard, PhD, MBA

2019 Cancer Research Symposium PRSTP and CRISP Top 3 Poster Presenters:

1st place: Name: Alahni Becks
Title: CRISP Undergraduate Student – Tuskegee University
Poster Title: Reviewing and developing web-based weight loss and diet intervention for cancer survivors with a BMI higher than 30
Mentor: Dori Pekmezi, PhD

2nd place: Name: Bailey McDaniel
Title: PRSTP Undergraduate Student – UAB
Poster Title: Inhibition of epidermoid carcinoma using TLR-4 inhibitor, TAK-242
Mentor: Nabiha Yusuf, PhD

3rd place: Name: Riley Kilian
Title: PRSTP Undergraduate Student - Cumberland University
Poster Title: Markers of adiposity are associated with the SNP72 genotype in women with breast cancer
Mentor: Upender Manne, PhD

2019 Cancer Research Symposium Best Abstract Oral Presenters:

1: Name: Amir Ahmed
Title: Medical Student – UAB
Talk Title: Effectiveness of Cancer Education Course on Community Health Advisors (CHAs) in the Deep South
Mentor: Monica Baskin, PhD, MPH, and Claudia Hardy, MPA

2: Name: Kawsar Chowdhury
Title: Graduate Student – Tuskegee University
Talk Title: Determination of Kaiso Protein-Protein Interaction
Mentor: Clayton Yates, PhD

3: Name: Brock Meeker
Title: Medical Student – Morehouse School of Medicine
Title: Genistein Overcomes the Multidrug Resistance in Pancreatic Cancer Cells
Mentor: Rajesh Singh, PhD

Morehouse School of Medicine, Tuskegee University, and UAB are providing the awards to the trainees who are being awarded $100 each for the Oral Session presenters, and awards for the top three in the Poster Session:
$200 (1st place)
$150 (2nd place)
$100 (3rd place)

Congratulations to all of you!

2019 Abstract Report CRS Final

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