Upcoming Events

Spring IAC Meeting
March 31, 2021
Zoom Virtual Meeting

Annual PSC Meeting
May 18, 2021
8:00 am to 2:00 pm CST
Zoom Virtual Meeting

Annual Summer Cancer Research Symposium
July 27-28, 2021
Zoom Virtual Meeting

Training Opportunity

2020 Partnership Research Summer Training Program   (PRSTP) 
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PRSTP 2020 Flyer

Latest in news

Cancer doesn’t care about equality, so this program encourages diverse scholars to care more about cancer

Poster and Abstract Award Winners 2019 at Cancer Research Symposium

Partnering Institutions

Morehouse School of Medicine (MSM)
Tuskegee University (TU)
University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB)

Contact - PI

James Lillard, PhD
Brian Rivers, PhD

Clayton Yates, PhD
Vivian Carter, PhD

Upender Manne, PhD  
Isabel Scarinci, PhD

Program Managers

 MSM: Jennifer Creighton
     TU: Chiquita Lee
  UAB: Thomas Ramsey, PhD




Contact Principal Investigators

MSM: James Lillard, PhD
      TU: Roberta Troy, PhD
           UAB: Upender Manne, MS, PhD

Administrative James Lillard MSM  PI
  Brian Rivers MSM MPI
  Jennifer Creighton MSM Program Manager
  Roberta Troy TU  PI
  Clayton Yates TU MPI
  Chiquita Lee TU Program Manager
  Upender Manne UAB  PI
  Michael J. Birrer UAB MPI
  Isabel Scarinci UAB MPI
  Thomas Ramsey UAB Program Manager
Scientific Research James Lillard MSM Co-Leader
  Brian Rivers MSM Co-Leader
  Roberta Troy TU Co-Leader
  Clayton Yates TU Co-Leader
  Upender Manne UAB Co-Leader
  Michael J. Birrer UAB Co-Leader
  Isabel Scarinci UAB Co-Leader
  Don Hill UAB Scientific Editor
Research Education Shailesh Singh MSM Co-Leader
  Beverly Taylor MSM Co-Leader
  Roberta Troy TU Co-Leader
  Richard Whittington TU Co-Leader
  Isabel Scarinci UAB Co-Leader
  Ann Smith UAB Program Director
Outreach Brian Rivers MSM Co-Leader
  Lee Caplan MSM Co-Leader
  Roland Matthews MSM Co-Leader
  DeAnna McGarity MSM Co-Leader
  Vivian Carter TU Co-Leader
  Norma Dawkins TU Co-Leader
  Mary Rogers TU CHE
  Mona Fouad UAB Co-Leader
  Kimberly Robinson UAB Navigator
Evaluation Desiree Rivers MSM Co-Leader
  Lecarde Webb TU Co-Leader
  Isabel Scarinci UAB Co-Leader
  Sylvia Peral UAB Coordinator
Shared Resources: Bioethics Nathan Nobis MSM Co-Leader
  Stephen Sodeke TU Co-Leader
  William Grizzle UAB Co-Leader
Biostatistics & Bioinformatics Mohamed Mubasher MSM Co-Leader
  Robert Meller MSM Co-Leader
  Fan Wu TU Co-Leader
  Sejong Bae UAB Co-Leader
  Dongquan Chen UAB Co-Leader
  Yufeng Li UAB Co-Leader