Partnership Structure

Cores structure
Consistent with the RFA (PAR-15-103) requirements, the MSM/TU/UAB Partnership has four Cores, three Research Projects (two full and one pilot), and two Shared Resources.

The four Partnership Cores and Research Projects are:
  • Administration Core
  • Research Projects
  • Research Education Core
  • Outreach Core
  • Planning and Evaluation Core

 The two Partnership Shared Resources are:

  • Bioethics Shared Resource
  • Biostatistics & Bioinformatics Shared Resource (BSR)

The Partnership has three research projects, two full and one pilot.

 Partnership Integration

 Partnership Integration
The overall integration of all Partnership components of this proposed effort is illustrated in below. As examples of integration, a) the undergraduate students of Cancer Research Immersion Program will undergo an intense hands-on research experience during the summers under the supervision of senior research investigators of the Partnership; b) the students of the cancer research certificate program will be paired with the co-Leaders of the joint research projects (two full and one pilot) to conduct research throughout the year; c) integration of the Bioethics Shared Resource will ensure that cancer research, outreach, and partnerships with underserved and racial/ethnic minorities follow ethical guidelines; d) inputs from the Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Shared Resource into the study design, data management, and statistical analyses for the efforts of the Research Projects, Outreach Core, Research Education Core, and the Planning and Evaluation Core will be integrated to obtain robust findings; and e) the day-to-day support of the Administrative Core to the Partnership’s efforts the in Research Projects, the Research Education Core, the Outreach Core, and the Planning and Evaluation Core will ensure achieving the specific objectives and goals. Finally, integration of the Planning and Evaluation Core to evaluate the impact of research projects, cores, and shared resources of the Partnership will aid in achieving its programmatic goal of eliminating cancer health disparities.