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While the mental health of many Americans worsened during the pandemic, a recent UAB study found the increase in depression and anxiety symptoms was greatest within Black, Hispanic and Asian communities.
UAB’s Haddin Forum Lecture series will host a discussion on the effects of people’s beliefs in shaping COVID reactions and experiences in the U.S. and Poland.
Mieke Beth Thomeer, Ph.D., has received a nearly $1.3 million grant to study midlife health disparities related to motherhood.
The UAB Haddin Forum Lecture Series will host a discussion on the effects of secondhand discrimination on the well-being of Black adults.
Mieke Beth Thomeer, Ph.D., and Jenjira Yahirun, Ph.D., discuss how families influence health and health disparities throughout life’s course and during COVID-19.
While demand for medical cannabis products grows in the United States, a UAB study suggests health care providers are ill-equipped to provide guidance.
UAB’s Department of Sociology continues to blaze the path forward as leading experts in the field.
Medical sociology provides a platform for a UAB graduate to pursue a medical degree while offering insight to the minds of her patients.   
Keith was recognized for her commitment and work ethic in the field of social inequalities and health.
A UAB professor has published a first-of-its-kind book on millennials and aging.
The socioeconomic resources of parents and adult children are related to women’s mortality risk in old age.
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