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Identifying key protein interactions in cast nephropathy could aid in drug development for deadly myeloma complication.

Noted glaucoma physician Girkin takes the reins as chair of the Department of Ophthalmology at UAB.

UAB professor joins a national class of nutrition research fellows.

Awards, job benefits and innovative programs help place UAB near the top of in The Scientist magazine’s postdoc rankings.

UAB researcher presented several gynecological oncology studies to a national gathering of doctors.

Ronald Alvarez, M.D., a leader in the research and treatment of ovarian and cervical cancers, is president of the Society of Gynecologic Oncology.

Less than 20 percent of patients eligible for cardiac rehab are referred to a program, which can reduce mortality by up to 35 percent.

Researchers were surprised by a second effect of an established drug.

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UAB leaders will speak to the state bar associations potential leaders.

Mild winter and early blooms mean earlier symptoms for seasonal allergy sufferers.

UAB medical students excel at Match Day, when graduating seniors learn where and in what specialty they’ll do their residency training.

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An exhibit at UAB delves deep into an unlikely partner in the study of medicine — fairy tales.

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UAB’s Center for Palliative Care is in an online battle with other hospitals for cancer grants from Lance Armstrong’s LIVESTRONG organization.

Emily Boohaker was recognized for her commitment to promoting healthy lifestyles.

Research suggests that a class of drugs for rheumatoid arthritis seeking approval this year could be effective against other autoimmune diseases.

A UAB researcher has helped develop new guidelines for the treatment of patients with HIV.

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