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Photo of Rosalind Staie

By Tyler Locklar

University of Alabama at Birmingham Track and Field shotput and discus thrower Rosalind Staie knows the demands from athletics and academics are high, but she has become a master at managing scheduling conflicts and a large workload.

“The determination and the attitudes that I've built from being an athlete help me to be driven to succeed in my academic career too,” Staie said.

The third semester Bachelor of Science in Nursing student did not grow up as a track and field athlete. As a freshman in high school, she wanted to participate in an extracurricular activity. When she attended an interest meeting for the track and field team, she was hooked.

When Staie was a junior, her family moved from Pennsylvania to Alabama. At Hoover High School, she and her teammates brought home the Alabama High School Athletic Association 2017 Class 7A Girls State Indoor Championship and 2018 Class 7A Girls State Outdoor Championship. Her high school success brought a scholarship offer from UAB’s Track and Field team.

Staie’s interest in nursing developed from the care she received after a car accident in 2011. She stayed at Penn State Children’s Hospital in Pennsylvania for nearly three weeks healing from a fractured sternum.

“I remember the patient-care environment that the nurses and physicians provided,” she said. “They were engaging, and they provided interactive activities that helped distract me away from my pain.”

Their passion became Staie’s.

“I genuinely love caring for other people,” Staie said. “To be able to help them to improve their quality of life is something I’m very interested in.”

Taking on Division 1 athletics and world class education at the same time has not come without difficulties. Both require an extreme amount of time and dedication.

Photo of Rosalind Staie

“Initially it’s hard to figure out how to balance,” Staie said. “Both the School of Nursing and my coach have been flexible and helpful along the way.”

For example, her summer classes began in May of 2022, while she was in San Antonio for a competition, and she missed several orientations.

“The professors were very helpful in getting me the information I needed to make-up the time I missed.”

Staie is also adamant about her education coming first.

“Student comes before athlete, and I will stand by that,” she said.

Staie attributes her success and persistence to the lessons she has learned from sports and the passion she holds for what she’s doing.

“Passion plays a huge role in what I do. I’ve seen how that’s gotten me to this point too,” Staie said. “I’ve finally found something I’m super passionate about—nursing.”

She also has advice for other student-athletes who want to pursue nursing as a career.

“Don’t put limitations on yourself,” Staie said. “Continue setting those high goals and go reach for them.”

Last modified on August 18, 2022

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