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Picture of Florance Nightingale

Florence Nightingale’s pioneering legacy lives on at the UAB School of Nursing, where her example of skilled, compassionate care guides our efforts to train future generations of clinicians, researchers, educators and leadership in the field.

The Florence Nightingale Initiative, a vision of former UAB School of Nursing Dean Doreen C. Harper, PhD, RN, FAAN, showcases the important work of Florence Nightingale and provides effective teaching tools, funding and other catalysts for continued nursing and health care research.

Thanks to the steadfast partnership of our donors, the School has been able to establish a program of excellence on the bedrock of Florence Nightingale’s values that currently includes seven projects and an on-campus collaboration with the UAB Reynolds-Finley Historical Library.

Not only does the Florence Nightingale Initiative help the UAB School of Nursing continue to build on the legacy of Florence Nightingale’s contributions to nursing science and population and patient care, it enables the UAB School of Nursing to inspire and innovate the work our School’s faculty, students and alumni and to ensure a continued focus on to improving the health of vulnerable population groups in Alabama and beyond for generations to come.

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