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By Amanda E.H. Pritchard

The Nu at-Large Chapter of Sigma Nursing Scholarship Fund has been established at the UAB School of Nursing to extend the chapter’s reach to students and donors.

“Our purpose is to support the mission of the School, educate leaders, support scholarships and give back to our members,” said Curry Bordelon, DNP, MBA, CRNP, President, Nu at-Large Chapter of Sigma (DNP 2016). “The UAB School of Nursing and the Nu at-Large Chapter of Sigma have been partners for more than 60 years. We want to strengthen the chapter and what’s offered to our members and our students.”

Looking to establish long-term sustainability for their support of nursing education, the Nu at-Large Chapter wants to provide a way for all donors to give to future nurses.

“Part of our strategic plan includes expansion not only within our Chapter, but with past and current members and within the community to create a larger base for scholarships,” Bordelon said.

Ideal candidates for this scholarship are students with at least an overall 3.5 grade point average who are current Nu at-Large Chapter of Sigma members in good standing. In addition to being merit based, the scholarship also provides support to students for whom affordability may be an obstacle and who might otherwise be unable to go to college.

“The Fund will allow our chapter to sustain our giving efforts and to be recognized for our contributions to the UAB School of Nursing's Mission of "...preparing diverse nurse leaders who excel in practice, scholarship and education in Alabama, nationally and internationally,” said Bordelon.

To learn more about the scholarship and give to the fund, please use this direct donation link:

Last modified on October 11, 2022

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