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Erika Morrow, MS, OD, opened the doors of ForSight Unique Eye Care and Eye Wear in The Historic District of Savannah on August 10th, 2019, 1500 miles away from home. Nearly three years later, the practice is thriving in part due to her civic involvement. Morrow, a 2016 UAB School of Optometry graduate, explains why she chose the practice’s location, her approach to business, and how her practice has benefited from being community-focused.  

Why did you select this location, décor, vibe, etc.? When we relocated to Savannah in 2017, I immediately fell in love with the architecture, artistic design, and historic connections. So, when I opened ForSight, I wanted it to reflect this beautiful city. I knew I wanted to be in the Historic District of Savannah because there was a huge need for eye care and an optical boutique with SCAD, tourism, retirees, and locals all right here in the Historic District of Savannah. I also said, “if I have to go to work most days of the week, I don’t want it to be stale and ugly.” I wanted my staff and guests to feel at home when they are at ForSight. I wanted to do everything differently—so I did! 
You are active in the community. Why? How does this benefit the practice? When I moved here I immediately appreciated how Savannah values small businesses and non-profits. I’ve honestly never lived somewhere, where small businesses and non-profits are so abundant! I love to shop small to support another entrepreneur’s dreams and I love to volunteer with organizations with which I can make a difference. I quickly realized that being new to the community, I had to let others know that I cared about them just as much as their support mattered to me. Getting involved in turn has accelerated my word-of-mouth referrals and helped grow my practice quickly.
How do you engage the community? I’m an active member of the local rotary club, which has connected me with opportunities to give back and to establish friends in Savannah. This group has been so impactful for me personally and professionally. When I opened ForSight, I knew I wanted people to know us as an office that cares about the community we serve so I planned our grand opening and tied it to a local non-profit, The Savannah Center for Blind and Low Vision. We host the event annually now; we call it our End of Year Celebration. We just raised almost $5000 at our 3rd annual event! I am also on a Funds Development Committee for the Savannah Center for Blind and Low Vision, which is another way to give back and support a great cause!
Have your efforts helped you during the pandemic? Being involved and giving back has shown the community that I care and that they can trust me. This helped tremendously by keeping my name at the forefront of people’s minds and many patients have decided to support me instead of the commercial chains. People also didn’t want to be herded through a busy practice so they chose my small operation that was new, clean, and personal.
Erika Morrow 600x450What awards has your practice received? In 2020 and 2021 my office was voted “The Best Vision Center of Savannah” and I was voted “The Best Optometrist of Savannah” by Connect Savannah. I was also voted “The Best Optometrist of Savannah” in 2020 by Savannah Magazine.  
What role has your staff played in the success of your practice? My staff has worked hard to provide a top-notch experience to every guest that walks into our office. We have over 285 five-star reviews and almost everyone comments on how great my staff is. My staff is diverse and that has allowed us to care for patients I may not have reached before, which is amazing!
What are you most proud of about your practice? I’m most proud of the word of mouth around town. It is so rewarding to hear that others are saying great things about ForSight, my staff, and myself.
What have been the biggest challenges of owning the practice? The biggest challenge I face is truly giving my all to every guest, even the very difficult ones. When you own your own office, you’re the boss, janitor, manager, and doctor and that can be exhausting. You want to make everyone happy but I’m learning two years in, that is not always possible, and that is okay.
Any big plans for 2022? We’d like to add 1-2 additional exam lanes and add an associate doctor to the practice.