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by Nathan Anderson

UAB Eye Care, the UAB School of Optometry's clinical arm, offers perks including discounts to all UAB employees and students. 

“Access to eye care nearby during a workday or a school day is such a convenience,” said Dr. Beth Steele, associate dean of clinical affairs. “Having these perks in place for the UAB family is simply another bonus for those who need eye care.” 

UAB employees and students can receive 25% off out-of-pocket expenses for eyewear purchased without vision insurance. However, all patients are responsible for the full eyewear sales tax before the perk can be applied. 

In addition to eyewear, UAB students can also take advantage of the following discounts: 

  • 50% off out-of-pocket expenses for contact lens evaluations, fits and refits
  • 50% off out-of-pocket expenses for specialty services such as dry eye procedures, vision therapy and myopia control

Please note that, employee and student perks cannot be combined and do not apply to insurance copays, deductibles or coinsurance. Only prescriptions provided by UAB Eye Care are accepted for markdown glasses. Employees and students must provide their BlazeID at checkout to receive perks. Lasty, UAB’s university employees have the added perk of payroll deduction, allowing them to pay over time. 

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