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by Satina Richardson

A new residency in ocular disease with an emphasis in refractive and ocular surgery is available through the UAB School of Optometry. Based at the Eye Center of Texas in Houston with four positions available, the program affiliation begins in June 2022 and is accredited by the Accreditation Council on Optometric Education.

The mission of the 13-month program—Residency in Ocular Disease and Refractive and Ocular Surgery—is to provide qualified postdoctoral optometry graduates with advanced competency in all areas of ocular disease and co-management of ocular surgery. Patient care, didactic education, and scholarship promote the development of this knowledge and skill.  Residents who complete the program are expected to provide an advanced level of clinical care in ocular disease and co-management of ocular surgery. Amanda Bachman, OD and Jill Autry, OD, RPh are co-supervisors for the program.

“This residency expands our residency program’s footprint,” said Caroline Pate, OD, FAAO, director of residency programs. “The new partnership also further diversifies the focuses available to our residents. It is a pleasure to work in tandem with a respected organization like Eye Center of Texas to provide a strong educational experience to post-graduate optometrists seeking further knowledge.”

Eye Center of Texas has four board-certified ophthalmologists along with a team of seven therapeutic optometrists who provide a full spectrum of services, from advanced diagnosis to treatment and surgery. Eye diseases such as retinal macular degeneration, glaucoma, dry eye, diabetic retinopathy, and ocular oncology are treated at the practice

Procedures such as blade-free cataract surgery with advanced lifestyle lens implants, LASIK, PRK, Visian ICL for patients that are not good candidates for LASIK, and refractive lens exchange for presbyopia patients are available.

Adding this new residency affiliate brings the total number of residency programs at the UAB School of Optometry to eight, with a total of 16 positions available. There are three in-house opportunities at UAB Eye Care, the clinical arm of the UAB School of Optometry.  The five affiliated programs are in Birmingham, Atlanta, Tuscaloosa, Nashville, and Houston.