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by Satina Richardson

Jason Nichols, OD, MPH, PHD, FAAO, has been named UAB’s senior associate president for research. Nichols’ existing responsibilities include leading entrepreneurial and clinical trial initiatives in the Office of Research, serving on the Center for Clinical and Translational Science Executive Committee, and ongoing return to research operations planning. He will now also assume leadership duties of the merged offices of Research Development & Internal Programs as well as Research Engagement & Partnerships. 

 The merger adds to his portfolio the University-Wide Interdisciplinary Research Centers program, research development initiatives and services, as well as interactions with outside entities such as Southern Research, and leadership of several university-wide committees.

“I am honored to be given an opportunity within the UAB Office of Research to continue to help UAB and its investigators grow its research efforts,” Nichols said. “In my expanded role, I will be working more directly with UAB’s University Research Centers and Cores to further major research initiatives that span bench to bedside. I will also be spearheading our Office’s Research Development initiative, which is intended to help academic units and individual investigators maximize opportunities to grow their unique research programs.”

Nichols, a tenured professor in the department of optometry and vision science, will maintain his successful NIH-funded research activities through the UAB School of Optometry. Over the next few months, he will work closely with Kent Keyser, PhD, associate vice president for research development and internal programs, and others to achieve a smooth transition of these responsibilities and we look forward to his participation and leadership in these new aspects of his position.