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With the addition of EyePrint PRO and the purchase of an sMap3D scleral topographer, the UAB School of Optometry now has the most advanced scleral contact lens technology available in its UAB Eye Care clinic. This means that almost all patients who need them can be fitted with a customized scleral contact lens.

In the case of EyePrint PRO, the production of the specialized lens begins with taking impressions of the eye by using a unique system similar to that used to make dental impressions.  The impression is sent to a lab where it is scanned and used to produce a scleral contact lens that is currently the ultimate in scleral lens customization. 

Patients with a variety of conditions can benefit from this type of scleral lens. Examples include patients experiencing severe dry eye, who have had trauma to the eye or eyelid, or who have any type of corneal deformity affecting the optics of the eye.

“Patients needing this service can experience a number of benefits including a reduction in pain, clearer vision and sometimes avoid needing complex surgical procedures,” said Dr. John Laurent, UAB School of Optometry associate professor. “Our team is happy to offer this level of care. It can be an effective treatment for patients and also provides a phenomenal learning opportunity for our students.”

UAB Eye Care is already a scleral contact lens referral center with patients traveling to the clinic from outside of the state. However, it is the only clinic in Alabama offering EyePrint PRO.