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by Nathan Anderson

Robert Morgan, class of 2024 at the UAB School of Optometry (UABSO), has been elected treasurer of the American Optometric Student Association (AOSA) board of directors.

“My goal within the AOSA is to make sure optometry students’ voices are heard loudly and clearly across North America,” said Morgan. “Whether students voice their opinion on how they're developed as student clinicians, how they can advance their future career upon graduation or how diversity and inclusion make a significant impact on optometry as a whole. These things matter to our students, and I hope to shed additional light on these important topics.”

Morgan said that his involvement with AOSA and its members would not be possible without the help of his student mentor Adam Sauls. Together, they uncovered Morgan’s desire to advocate for the safety of patients and to advocate for the legislative future of optometry practices.

“These goals mirrored the AOSA's mission statement of ‘Empowering students to thrive as future doctors of optometry,’” said Morgan. “It was a no-brainer to get involved and try and make a difference.”

After having a serious concussion, Morgan decided to pursue optometry due to the care he received from his optometrist in his home state of Ohio. He then researched leading schools of optometry and decided to attend UABSO where he pursued his interest in sports vision and concussion care.

“I've gotten to know so many wonderful people at UABSO, but my classmates hold a very special place in my heart,” he said. “They inspire me to keep going, to try something new and become a better version of myself.”

As a third year student, he encourages optometry school peers to join AOSA as involvement helps discover new opportunities and gain helpful skills for future careers. Becoming a member to experience these benefits is a simple process.

“UAB is an auto-enrolled school with the AOSA, so all of our students can become members on their very first day at UABSO,” Morgan said. “To get more involved, come to our sponsored events or just have a conversation with myself. We can talk about what makes you the most passionate about optometry and how to get you connected with the right people or resources.”