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Sydney Madrigal a 3rd year student here at UABSO was invited to the Transitions Academy as a Transitions Lens Ambassador. The Transitions Academy is one of the most recognized and unique educational events in the optical industry where attendees participate in professional development and product technology workshops, hear from experts on marketing and industry trends, and learn from their peers at panel discussions.

Following her time at the Academy we caught up with her for a Q&A concerning her time there.

What is your job/position as a Transitions Lens Ambassador?

Transitions lens ambassadors are a group of optometry students that engage conversation around Transitions lenses across campus and social media. Not only have I been given the unique opportunity to try Transitions products and learn more about the photochromic technology, but I also get to meet leaders in the industry and Instagram savvy OD’s.

What are some things that you learned at the Academy?

I learned about the new launch of Transitions Signature Gen 8 lenses this upcoming summer; they are darker outdoors, have a 30% faster activation and fade back to clear in 3 minutes with the ultimate eye protection, blocking 100% UVA UVB and a blue light filter.

I love how Transitions has disproven the stereotypical photochromic lens wearer; the 1970’s older adult in large brown tinted glasses. They have styled colors, flash mirrors, and even darker transitioning lenses that have become a fashion statement.

How do you expect this experience to influence your optometry career?

I realized the importance of doctor directed prescribing. I will have the conversation about a patient’s lens needs in the exam room before they even enter the optical.

What made you apply to the academy?

Honestly, I knew a few people who went the year before and it looked like so much fun. It was an honor to be selected to represent such an innovative company that is also rapidly changing with our profession.