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Congratulations to the following UABSO residents who will be presenting papers or posters at the upcoming American Academy of Optometry meeting in New Orleans, LA. Resident’s Day will take place on Saturday, October 10th. Papers will be from 8-12 and Posters will be from 1:30-3:30. Please stop by to congratulate them and take a look at the interesting patient cases our residents are seeing!

  • Trenton Cleghern, OD, FAAO (paper presentation) “Phacomorphic Angle Closure: An Unusual Etiology of CRVO”
  • Monica Kennedy Hines, OD (poster #69) “When Lasers Go Wrong”
  • Daniel Deligio, OD (poster #35) “Aphakic Patient with Anisometropia Requires Atypical Contact Lens Correction”

Also, please make sure to visit our Class of 2015 graduates who also have accepted papers/posters and are completing their residencies across the country! You make us proud!

  • Mary Bowen, OD (poster)
  • Aynsley Girardeau, OD (poster) “Fundus albipunctatus masquerading as a clumsy boy”
  • Priya Joshi, OD (poster)
  • Sarah Marietta, OD (poster) “Avoiding orals: Topical dorzolamide resolves CME in patient with atypical RP”
  • Amie Marsh, OD, MS (paper and travel fellowship recipient)
  • Kathryn Matherly, OD (poster) “The Demyelinating Dilemma: An Atypical Presentation and Prognosis of Optic Neuritis”
  • Brittany McNeely, OD (paper and travel fellowship recipient) “Acute Cranial Nerve VI Palsy Secondary to Presumed Paraneoplastic Syndrome”
  • Courtney Putnam, OD (poster)
  • Rachel Tanner, OD, MPH (poster) “Pellucid Marginal Degeneration and Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis Management with Reverse Piggyback Contact Lenses”
  • Jennifer Vickers, OD (poster and travel fellowship recipient) “Visually Significant Infantile Periocular Hemangioma”