Step 1: Secure Funding

  1. Prior to any financial commitment being made by students, staff or faculty, a means of funding the event must be approved.
  2. Students should contact their Faculty advisor with questions regarding funding. All others should contact the Director of Administration and Fiscal Affairs if the funding source isn’t already known.

Step 2: Date/Venue Confirmation

Please note: Reserving a classroom or conference room for a class or standard meeting is not an Event. To reserve a classroom or conference room for classes or standard meetings, email the request to the e-address listed as SO-Reservations. The administrator assigned to monitor the inbox (Amy Drinkard) will respond to your request. A standard meeting will not involve food items. If food items are involved in a meeting, the meeting is considered an Event.

  1. Complete an Event Request Form. This form is located on the UABSO website under the Resources quick link (the form is posted under both Student and Faculty Resources).
  2. Contact the Dean’s Administrative Assistant (Cindy Weise) with any questions.
  3. The administrator assigned to monitor event requests (Cindy Weise) will contact or otherwise provide feedback to the event requestor. This process could involve identifying alternative dates, times or venues.
  4. The SO-Events administrator (Cindy Weise) will place the Event on the School’s Event Calendar.
  5. The SO-Events administrator (Cindy Weise) will be responsible for reserving UABSO space. The SO-Event administrator will NOT be responsible for reserving any non-UABSO space. Event Requestors are responsible for reserving non-UABSO space. Volker Hall is not UABSO space.
  6. The SO-Events administrator (Cindy Weise) will inform the Event Requestor as to whether a UAB Event Pre-Approval form is required to be submitted and approved by the University. The SO-Events administrator will provide instructions when this step is needed.
  7. Note: Faculty may request, via the SO-Events administrator (Cindy Weise), the support of the School’s Event Team to help plan and host certain events. Events that qualify for this level of support would tend to be large events or events requiring complex logistics. Support for more simple events can be gained by contacting the School’s Faculty Program Manager (Mark Crawford).

Step 3: Reimbursement

  1. Reimbursement and vendor payments for all Events must follow UAB Event Expenditure Guidelines.
  2. The following documentation should be submitted to the e-address SO OptFinance:
    • A valid account number that the expenses will be charged to.
    • All itemized receipts
    • Business purpose of the Event.
    • A copy of the announcement or invitation.
    • A copy of the agenda or program.
    • A list of attendees
    • Authorized signatures
    • A copy of the approved Event Pre-Approval form (if it was required)