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Diverse group of students gathered around a laptop. A tuition benefit is offered to all postdoctoral trainees. Each trainee receives six (6) credit hours of tuition per appointment year. These courses are to be used to support you as your prepare to take the next steps in your career. Trainees commonly take courses in:

  • teaching,
  • leadership,
  • statistics,
  • bioinformatics,
  • biomedical sciences, and
  • business.

Postdocs are permitted to take graduate level courses. Undergraduate courses are not paid for by the OPE. Please reach out to the office to discuss further at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

To take credit bearing courses as a postdoctoral scholar, you must pdfregister as a non-degree seeking student. You will not need to pay the application fee, and the OPE will pay for the courses. After being accepted as a non-degree seeking student, contact the OPE for instructions about how to register for courses. You are responsible for any late fees associated with late registration or failure to inform the OPE of course enrollment. Fees not associated with a course are not paid by the OPE.

To recieve this benefit (consistent with UAB policy for the Educational Assistance Program opens a new website) you must:

  • have at least a 3.0 graduate grade point average on any prior graduate course work taken at UAB, and
  • maintain an overall UAB graduate grade point average of 3.0 or better. If you fail to maintain the appropriate grade point average, you will not be eligible for the tuition benefit.
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